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Why I wrote My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories:An Amazon top 100 bestselling book

I am so happy My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories is on Amazon top 100-best selling list again.  The paperback copy stayed on the list for three weeks when it was first published in September.

After having taught middle school for 17 years, I understand what teens go through emotionally.  Middle school students often engage in irrational behavior, not because they want to, because their brain is not fully developed yet. Teens at that age also have to deal with self-esteem issues.   Learning how to deal with self-esteem issues usually take a teen down the road of bullying.  So I wrote this book of short stories to inspire teens and their parents who together can find ways to cope with these difficult issues in a positive way.

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This is a nice collection of stories which touches on topics from bi-racial adoption and bullying to overcoming the tragedies of 9/11 and natural disasters through giving and paying it forward.

While touching on these topics, this collection for middle and teen readers shares the common theme of being stories about children dealing with real life struggles, and how kindness and empathy can turn someone's life around for the better.

Here's a quick breakdown of the stories:

* "My Birthday is September Eleven" - The title story of the collection is about a boy who was born on 9/11/01 and finds it hard to celebrate his birthday because of the tragic events of that day.

* "Zebra Boy" - A bi-racial boy stands up to a bully because of the support from his best friend.

* "The Good Samaritan" - An anonymous donor contributes the money necessary to help a group of fifth-graders pay for a life-saving surgery for a classmate.

* "No More Hunger" - Ronald becomes impoverished after a devastating hurricane destroys his village in Haiti. Unable to survive on his own, he is rescued from certain death by a kind stranger.

* "A New Life" - A bi-racial boy finally escapes a difficult past when he is adopted by a caring couple.

The stories are well-written and can be useful for inspiring an excellent discussion between middle and teen readers and their parents and teachers.

As I read the stories, I kept thinking of Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I think these stories hold that kind of potential for young readers. They may be inspired to make a positive difference in someone's life by either contributing financially to a cause, showing empathy for others or even standing up beside someone being treated unjustly.

You can CLICK HERE to read more reviews.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Today is a sad day indeed, we honor those that perished.  Ma y their loved ones who remained behind find strength in this difficult time of remembrance.  I know our nation will never be the same, but we must also take heed to not let tragedy define who we have become.  We are beyond that and will continue to stand tall in the world.  With that said, I would like to encourage all not to forget the children who were born on 9/11, for they too must be taught and encouraged to move forward.  I pray for all the children born on 9/11 and that their parents will be an example to them.  I pray that their parents will not allow the tragedy of 9/11 to define who they grow up to be.

Parents, grandparents, below is two websites that have great resources on how to help children cope with tragedy.




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My Interview with Renee Hand, award winning author.

I am so elated to share with you all my interview and a review of my book with award winning author, Renee Hand.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: MY book is on the Amazon best selling top 100 list!

I am very happy to announce this great news. Check out the newest review of my book, on top of that the book ranked # 30 this morning and is now # 48.

5.0 out of 5 stars These stories fill the heart with compassion and inspire the soul to help everyone to become better people.,
Children's Book Reviewer - See all my reviews
This review is from: My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories (Paperback)

Nicole Weaver has created five short stories about various topics. The first being My Birthday Is September Eleven. This story is about a boy named Matthew who was an only child and was born on September 11th. Every year on his birthday he was reminded of the tragedy that happened on that day. It was hard for him to feel differently about it, which caused him to sometimes have some serious problems. What pulled Matthew through was his best friend Ronald. Ronald and Matthew would play together and enjoy life, being able to handle most anything. But one day that changed. Ronald was placed in a temporary foster home because his grandparents couldn't take care of him anymore. Will Matthew ever see him again?

The next story is called Zebra Boy. A twelve year old boy named Pascal Beauchamp is originally from Haiti. His mother was black and his father was white. Because of this, children at school would tease him, calling him names that would hurt him. Pascal's good friend, Marcel, would stick up for him, but the bully Eric still wouldn't stop. He wasn't alone either. Other children would tease Pascal too, but one day that all changed.

The third story is called The Good Samaritan. This is a touching story which tells of a mans kindness in helping a little girl named Marisol. She had to have brain surgery, so the children of her school helped raise the money for her to get the surgery. However, they were still short $15,000 until a stranger donated the money giving Marisol the chance to live. Will she one day be able to thank the man who saved her life?

The fourth story is called No More Hunger. It is about a boy named Ronald who is from a village that had been wiped out by a devastating hurricane. His mother, not being able to take care of him, gave him up for adoption. Though it broke her heart to do it, she knew it was the right thing to do. Her sacrifice gave him a chance at life. Will Ronald ever understand?

The last story is called A New Life. This is about a biracial boy who experiences many hardships. Jonny's parents passed away when he was young and his German grandparent's didn't want anything to do with him, which put him into foster care for years. This was a mixed blessing because his foster parent's had adored him, treating him as if he were their own son, yet he still had many uncertainties. Will he ever forgive his grandparent's for not taking him in?

This collection of stories hits upon many topics. It touches on adoption, bullying, tragedy, coping with loss, kindness and love. What readers are going to enjoy about this collection is that with the bad comes the good. Though each story begins with something tragic that happens that changes or effects the characters life in some way, there is also something rewarding about it as well, as if it were redemption for the pain each has suffered. Each character finds happiness in their own way and it radiates around them affecting others lives as well. It shows the reader that kindness can change someone's fate.

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At some point or another we all have been touched by tragedy. In my new book, “My Birthday Is September Eleven and Other Short Stories” I wanted to portray in all five stories the importance of not being defined by a tragedy. I wanted to give each character a unique voice, so he or she can grow up to be normal and to find happiness.

Have you experienced tragedy in your life? How did you cope with it? I would love to hear your story. Please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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Large scale tragedy such as 9/11 can cause strong reactions in children. It then becomes the responsibility of the adult in the child’s life to help manage anger and other trauma the child is feeling. Both parents and teacher can help young children manage their feelings by modeling healthy behavior in the presence of the child. How the child copes will heavily depend on how the adult in his or her life learns to manage their own stress or trauma. In some cases, it is better to seek professional help.

Signs of Emotional Trauma In Children:

• Significant increase in conflict with classmates or friend.
• Strained family relationships (lack of desire to participate in normal family routines).
• Significant decrease in school performance.
• Repeated nightmares and reporting strong fears of death, violence, etc.
• Low self-esteem

One of the best things you can do for your child is to spend quality time with him or her. Acting as if the problem does not exist will make the situation worst. I wrote the short story “My Birthday is September Eleven” in the hopes of showing with strong family support all children can overcome bad situations. This is what a psychologist had to say about my book:

As a licensed psychologist with a specialty in children, parents often ask me to direct them to a book that they can read with their children. I have no problem sending parents to My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories. In this book, you will find stories about children with real-life struggles and how they find ways to cope with those problems. These stories present opportunities for parents and children to talk about what is happening in their own lives and possible solutions, while strengthening parent-child communication.

Remember most schools have a psychologist on staff if your child needs to talk to a professional. Be sure to take advantage of this free resource.

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A dedication to all children born on September 11, 2001

The last decade has been filled with horrendous horrors. In some ways, these events have touched all of us personally. Who can forget the events of September 11, 2001? The upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11 has been in my mind lately. I know of two women who gave birth on September 11, 2001, their story inspired me to write My Birthday is September Eleven and Other Short Stories.

Parents and teachers can use the Ebook to discuss 9/11 and the importance of having compassion for others.

See description of each story below:

My Birthday is September Eleven- A story about a boy who was born on 9/11. When the reader steps into the world of Matthew, he or she will recognize the undercurrent of mourning that will help all to not forget 9/11.

Zebra Boy – A biracial boy is spared further teasing when his best friend comes to his rescue.

The Good Samaritan – A group of fifth-graders raise funds to help a fellow classmate that needs money for a life-saving surgery.

No More Hunger – Ronald, a Haitian boy whose village was virtually wiped out by a devastating hurricane, becomes a victim of abject poverty. He is later rescued when the well-respected Madame Wilson takes it upon herself to nourish him back to health.

A New Life – A biracial boy experiences many hardships before being adopted by a caring couple.